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Silver Bullet Platinum
Lightning bolt effect for illustrative effects only and to look cool!

A new dual head machine to add to the award winning Silver Bullet family. In one single operation cut and crease, cut and emboss, draw and cut, and many other combinations. Using two different tools you can cover a width of 24" If you need a wider cut use then same tool in each head to cover a width of 26"!
This new machine has been designed and developed in the UK along with our partner in the US - Silver Bullet Cutters. It has a full metal body and frame along with aluminium support tables. And the built in ThymeCam will give the most accurate print and cut currently available.

Introducing The Silver Bullet Platinum
The next generation in our Professional range of machines... backed by Professional, Caring, Supportive, and Dedicated owners/distributors

    All the features of the Silver Bullet plus more!
  • Ultra High Force. Max usable force - 1250grms. Max cutting force - 1250grms
  • Top speed of 800mm/sec
  • Laser Alignment
  • Powerful new motor for fast and quiet operation
  • 6 individually operated Pinch Wheels, you choose to use 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 pinch wheels
  • Tried and Tested chassis as used in the Silver Bullet
  • Lid is designed so all wires are safely hidden
  • Large front facing control panel for easier viewing and access
  • Repeat Function
  • Multi-pass function
  • New menu options for future accessories
  • Each machine has a carrier mat 710mm/28" wide by 380mm/15" deep
  • Includes Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 5 software
  • Compatible with XP, Vista 32 and 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Macintosh (including High Sierra)
  • Personal after sales service for the life of your machine
  • And many, many more...

    Included with each machine
  • ThymeCam
  • Aluminium Support Tables
  • Carrier Mat
  • Click Blade Holder and second tool of your choice
  • 30 degree blade
  • 45 degree blade
  • 60 degree blade
  • 60 plus degree blade
  • Serial cable
  • Usb cable
  • UK power cable
  • Testing pen

  • Just some of the media we have used with the Silver Bullet Platinum:

    Cardstock, Paper, Chipboard/greyboard, Mat Board, Box Board, Mount Board, Rubber Sheet. Fabrics including Chiffon, Cotton, Polyester, Velvet, Felt, Fur & Fake Fur. Leathers, both fine clothing leathers and thick vegetable tan leathers. Gasket Material, Vinyl, Thin Films, Stencil Material, Tyvek, Thin Veneer, Tissue Paper, Mylar, Clay & Precious Metal Clay, Magnetic Material, Shrink Plastic, Template Plastic, Teflon, Metal Foils & Sheets, Acrylic, Slate, Wood & Balsa Wood, Fondant & Icing Sheets. Coffee Filters, and so much more. If in doubt please feel free to send us samples to test cut.

    Silver Bullet Platinum Series Specification
  • Model: Silver Bullet Platinum Dual Head
  • Acceptable Media Width: 785mm/31"
  • Maximum Cutting Width: Dual Head with different tools - 610mm/24". Dual Head with same tool - 660mm/26"
  • Operatimg System: Windows 32/Windows 64/Windows7/Windows 8/Windows 10/and Macintosh including High Sierra
  • Interface: FTDI usb, serial
  • Control Panel: LCD Display, Navigation Ring, 4 Control Buttons
  • Driver: Digital DC, step motor, Micro-step driver
  • Drawing Instruction: HP-GL, DMPL
  • Maximum Cutting Speed: 800mm/sec. 1-10mm in individual steps, then increments of 5mm
  • Maximun Cutting Thickness: 2mm recommended. More can be achieved depending on the density of the media.
  • Pressure: 1grm-1250grm. Adustable in 255 steps.
  • Mechanical Precision: 0.025mm
  • Repeat Accuracy: ±0.1mm
  • Power Supply: AC90-110V/50Hz-60Hz
  • Positioning: Mode bounded system, random original point setting
  • Operating Environment: 5°C to 35°C, relative humidity 30% - 70%
Price: £1,749.99

Optional Insurance for Cutters
The normal shipping for machines includes a basic insurance so if your machine is damaged during transit we will submit a claim and wait for the response.
This additional insurance allows us to sort any genuine problem caused during shipping without waiting for the claim to be processed.

Insurance prices are as follows -
£18.50 insures to a value of £750 - recommended for 13" and 15" cutters
£24.50 insures to a value of £1000 - recommended for 18" and 24" cutters
£30.50 insures to a value of £2000 - recommended for the Silver Bullet Platinum cutters
Insurance Options 13" and 15" cutters
18" and 24" cutters (+£6.00)
Silver Bullet Platinum (+£12.00)
Price: £18.50

Optional cable
Optional Adapter Cable
We highly recommend the purchase of this cable if you are experiencing communication problems between cutter and computer.
Price: £35.00

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