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The Cougar Family

Whats in the Box -
A3 carrier mat
standard blade holder
45 degree blade
60 degree blade
testing pen and refill
UK power cable
usb cable
serial cable

Everything you need to get you up and cutting normal media.
Software is downloadable
Quick Start Manual is downloadable

The Cougar comes bundled with software which will allow you to create wonderful designs with ease. It can take full advantage of our embossing and engraving tools as well as allowing you to trace intricate images with greater accuracy than ever before.  
We use a combination of Inkscape and Scal to give you incredible designing power and accurate easy cutting.

Lifetime License - no expiry date.
Compatible with both Macintosh and Windows operating Systems including Windows 7
Can be installed on 2 computers
Easy simple designing right in Scal, or for unlimited designing power combine with Inkscape.
See what our customers have to say...
I have never had so much fun or been so enthusiastic about a program in my life as I am with Inkscape.  I'm doing things I would never have dreamed of tackling before, all be it at the baby stage lol!

Inkscape is a powerful and complex program and with the help of excellent tutorials from Black Cat members and on the internet, I have never struggled to use it.
The ease with which you can make designs that are unique, instead of having to resort to using other peoples' or built-in designs, you can truly call yourself a designer!
I would say that it is a 'grown up' piece of software.

Much to my surprise I have really enjoyed learning what a powerful and versatile program Inkscape, is under Dawns guidance and with the pooling of knowledge from the members. We are rapidly building up what will be an extensive resource which will enable us all to get the best from our cutters

The combination of a Black Cat Cougar and Inkscape truly gives one unlimited options for designing cutting templates. As a lover of Photoshop and Illustrator other designing software has left me disappointed in its limitations. Not with Inkscape, a very potent and flexible software for both the beginner and the more advanced user, and of course not forgetting the superb support and video tutorials from Dawn and her team. They will take Inkscape to a realm that is a crafters dream!

Inkscape has proved very successful indeed. Inkscape is powerful and I feel as though I have only touched on what is available to me but, nonetheless, already it has enabled me to do everything I have asked of it. With all the help available on the forum from Dawn and other members it has made the learning process very easy.

Blackcat & Inkscape, GREAT, go get them now!!

Quite a number of crafters know me as a designer of templates and know that I would not give praise if I did not believe it truly deserved. The fantastic Black Cat Cougar Cutter that I purchased from Thyme Graphics is fantastic, both in its appearance and in its cutting strength. It truly is one beautiful machine, well built and beautifully designed. As well the incredible support given by both Dawn and Colin is second to none, never impatient, always there if you need them. The video tutorials produced by Dawn are so beautifully uncomplicated to follow that a beginner can start immediately on receiving their cutter. I cannot recall when I have received such personal support actually, thinking about it, I never have. Purchasing a cutter from Thyme Graphics guarantees that you too can create wonders and if you are into selling either templates or die-cuts then you will produce items that buyers will come back for again and again. Moreover, another bonus is the marvellous templates created by both Dawn and other fantastic designers, freely shared both in the Black Cat forum and in the Thyme Graphics Forum.

Help is always there guaranteed!

Thank you Dawn

Linda C.M. Griffiths (aka gentleflower)

Features and Specifications
A Laser pointer for print and cut facility High-precision steel axes helps to prevent media slipping when cutting long materials
Tool Storage in the top cover USB for Plug and Play and also Serial Connection
Top Cover lifts open to allow long tools to be used in the holder (pens, marker pens, other tools etc.) Supports Windows 2000 /XP/ and Vista 32 bit and 64 bit, Windows 7. Also Macintosh operating systems.
Speed and Force controlled by SOFTWARE and the LCD control panel User-friendly Design , allows you to adjust cutting force and speed while working
High Speed Math Microprocessor, for fast processing, low noise and clean cuts high resolution LCD back light display,
Minimum 3 pinch rollers to aid stability and media holding High pressure, approx 950g so easily capable of cutting thick materials
Repeat Function on the LCD panel to repeat the last job continuously Tough, high strength aluminium alloy body
New Variable length blade holder, the blade protrusion can be adjusted for different media Silica gel panel control buttons, easy-to-use and durable
Great Range of Accessories: for Embossing, Engraving, Drawing and more Available in 13in, 15in, 18in and 24in cut widths

The Cougars in the UK are now sold out, please check out our latest machine here

If you are interested in a refurb/ex-demo Cougar with full one year warranty keep checking back here or contact me by email here
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